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Meet Celena Ross


Ready for semi retirement

Ready for semi retirement

With more than 20 years of experience as a business owner, manager, trainer and business consultant, I know how to empower and transform businesses and individuals to the success they want.

Drawing on decades of coaching, mentoring and strategic planning skills and experience assisting small to large business owners I identified a need to assist corporate women who have built and developed a career but now looking to semi or even fully retire – and need guidance to deal with the issues of transition.

I have been where you are right now

Having left government after 15 years of developing a career, achieving success, project managing and in leadership roles, I left and commenced two small businesses as part of my transition to retirement.

I found as the months passed  that I missed the office, missed the deadlines, people to bounce ideas off with (oh and help me with all the little things that need doing in business). I missed the laughter and then my husband retired! So suddenly after a year at home, I found my hubby, sharing the work table, wanting to know what is for lunch, what time I will be back, let’s go out…as he had fully retired!

I did not plan for the massive amounts of baby sitting and also support of my daughter through post natal issues.  Some weeks, five days a week, I would find myself babysitting – stuck in my daughter’s house or at my own home – nursing, feeding, changing and or playing with baby or toddler grand daughters.  Add a sudden phone call from my elderly mother – and days and days could suddenly be devoted to caring and supporting.

In between, I continued to running my celebrant business – early mornings and late night time work, as well as weekends – but always juggling my time and feeling under pressure. Sometimes I would think, just stop, don’t try and run a business – be a carer, go and train to be a caring clown, go and do a cooking course or just a course here and there. Let go of my goals and plans for business. Retire completely.

There’s still so much more I want to do

But I have always been a high achiever.  Many times I have created organisations or projects out of nothing.  Ideas keep coming to me…..sometimes I think I need another lifetime to implement all my ideas. I am used to pressing deadlines and re-prioritising deadlines.

I am not ready to fully retire.  In fact, the more baby boomer women I speak to, I find that this is a common thought. Women say “I’m not retiring! but they do also move out of high achieving corporate positions, start their own small business, or obtain a part time job, or even going back to study! The more I chat to women, the more I understand the issues in transitioning to semi retirement.

Does this sound like you?

Some women have no say, as they are made redundant and in their late 50’s and early 60’s – they suddenly struggle with their identity – who are they away from the corporate world?  How will they use their skills, knowledge and experience – how will they still matter?

When you seek information on retirement – there is heaps of information to assist in regards to your financial needs and issues, but not for planning – your life, how you manage, cope, plan ahead for your continued personal development!

Let’s do it together!

So to all those Unretiring Retirees  facing  transitional changes and the issues around who you become, how you will still matter, redefine your identity, work life, relationships, face living 24/7 with a partner (or maybe you are single – what does your retirement look like?), finding yourself part of the sandwich generation of caring for elderly parents and or grand children, – contact me for a one on one coaching appointment or like my page for valuable articles and future meetings and workshops.

Redefine yourself!

Live a vibrant semi retired life with pizazz.


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