Old fashioned bloomers and comfort

undies 5Old fashioned bloomers and comfort

Mum’s bloomers have been for years a source of some jokes from time to time.

Especially when she goes away, and they are hanging from the balcony or when she comes to visit and hubby finds them washed and then hanging in the shower.

When I go shopping with mum, I have tried to convince her to buy some nice floral bloomers instead of the white ones. But no she sticks with the size 18 – 20 white soft cotton bloomers.  You should wear them to she has said on many occasion.

No, I have stuck with the Hi Cut bikini underwear in vibrant floral patterns. I moved to the hi cut bikini when the bikini ones cut into me and a bit of a muffin top meant that there was a bit of an overflow.

Then OMG, well a year of doing lots of caring of grand daughters and mum, has resulted in a huge dive in my exercise routine. I mean huge dive. I mean NO exercise, except for of course running around after people, and I did get some strength exercise bending over and lifting and carrying the grand daughters.  But I am home more. Morning tea, coffee and cake. And oh afternoon tea coffee and cake. Stressful tiring days, a Mocha Fusion from Zaraffar’s Coffee cafe at the end of the street. And a Bailey’s on the rocks at 5pm!

Dieting has just not entered my head and anyway, dieting is so passé.  You now eat healthy and just avoid cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes…..oh dear I have inherited mum’s sweet tooth – well teeth the whole lot actually.  So I am on my way to inheriting mum’s white bloomers.

undies 1I have just admitted that the Hi Cut bikini 12 – 14 was just not cutting it. Well actually, it was cutting it. Right into my flesh. OK. I have faced the truth and bought size 14 – 16.  I do remember when mum bought this size.  But no they are not white. I am still trendy and it helps to disguise the fact that they are no long hi cut and that they are a size larger – nice colourful, sexy – OK not sexy, comfortable cotton undies – no no no…..not bloomers. Comfortable larger undies.

Hmmmm not happy with hubby. He was hanging out washing and said to me” Oh, I noticed you have gone up a side in your underpants!”. Really?  Like really?  He made that comment!  Really?  I gave him an icy stare and walked away. ARGH!!

Just don’t tell mum. Anyway, the weight will fall off me next year. I am going to try that 5 day eating anything…..oooooohhhhh! CAKE! And 2 days fasting diet…..not diet, no one diets any more…..that just sets you up to failure. I am doing to do that healthy lifestyle eating practice of 5 days eating and 2 day fasting. Shouldn’t be too difficult.  I wonder, the fasting – will bubbly count as the liquid?

Wish me luck

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