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Hubby left me in charge of the waterproofing tradie and Tomato Relish Receipe

WaterproofHubby left me in charge of the waterproofing tradie – whilst I made Tomato Relish

I know, strange heading….but hubby left me in charge of the tradies for our bathroom renovations whilst he had a well deserved day of golf.

“It’s just the waterproof guy, “ he said.  “It is all straight forward, all he has to do is put on the waterproof, so there should be no issues.  Just in case, he said would leave his phone on silent and check it from time to time whilst he is at golf.

“I have to go – it is the Veteran’s championship – I can’t let my mates down”, he said.

No worries, I replied, you deserve a day off.  Hubby has been project managing as well as doing some of the bathroom renovations himself.  It is during this time, that I am so pleased that I married a handy man and I don’t have to think further than, what time of fittings do you want, what kind of bath do you want ….easy stuff….. And that is as it should be, I have my hands, time full with caring for my elderly mum and regularly my two little grand daughters aged 2 and 4.

So the waterproofer arrives.  Checks the room….oh he says….I wasn’t told it was an upstairs bathroom….I need to go back and get the waterproof that goes onto tiles on the floor, he said.

Bathroom RenovationThen he asked about around the bath……there is a gap….what are you doing there. I looked at him blankly and answered….that will be tiled…..ah yes….but there is a problem.  Looking at me he said, where is your husband?  Deciding not to worry hubby – although  did call but he didn’t answer, the tradie went off to get the right waterproof stuff.. I ducked out and bought the ingredients for a tomato relish.

So, we are both happily active, Craig with his waterproof job, and me boiling tomatoes and chopping 1 kg of onion.  OMG… time I will buy already chopped and frozen onion!  So I am scooping the tomato out of the pot to peel the skin and chop, feeling very confident of the relish – which I have not made in decades.

Oh, um….can you come up here…………EKK…..sure…. I have smelly onions and squished runny tomato everywhere – that is because I am a messy cook.

Bathroom ShowerThe issue this time is under the cupboard…and that it is not angled, and also the thingo in the shower that sticks out he informs me is not very long and once it is tiled, we will have problems screwing the shower head onto it.  Well rather than ring hubby I have a brain wave, so I search amongst the bathroom renovation file and find a plumbers card.  I ring the plumber, he doesn’t answer….I leave an URGENT message, and thankfully he calls back a few minutes later. No worries he says, there are ways around it.  Craig looks unconvinced and says once he does the waterproofing, that any issues, we will have to remove a whole panel.  I put my trust in the plumber and say oh well, just go ahead, it will be fine.

By now hubby has called back – but I miss his call and he leaves an unhappy message….where are you… should answer – have the phone on your hip… called, what is the matter?

So I call back and put him onto Craig who gives him an update on all of the ‘issues’ .  Never mind, go and relax and play golf, it can all be resolved easily, everything is proceeding OK.

Tomato RelishI then get on with my relish.  Three hours of peeling, chopping, tasting, stirring and wondering why the relish wasn’t thickening.  Ah, I think I should have drained the excess juice before boiling. I am using a sketchy recipe I was given.  I stood at the stove top for a couple of hours, stirring, gradually adding a bit more cornflour, then draining the excess liquid….good idea….then again, more flour, a little more curry, a little more mustard, chilli. Tasting, stirring, tasting, stirring….until hurray……it tasted great and was the right consistency.

Another day of retirement has passed… charge of the waterproof tradie…don’t call me to help with any renovations. And a day where I finally made a delicious relish.

Mind you, I am not too keen on making another and even hesitant about using the relish. OMG….I never realised HOW MUCH SUGAR was in a relish!!!!!

Tomato Relish Receipe – as  I was given it and in brackets what I learnt or did)

3 kgs of tomatoes – chopped  (well after you chop them and add them to the onion, drain off the juice)

1 kg of onions ( OMG chopping 1 KG of onions – I think I would rather chopped frozen onions, except I wonder how much extra liquid would be in these once they thawed)

1 KG Sugar (OMG I had no idea there was THIS much sugar in a relish. I ended up putting in around 750 grams. Don’t put all the sugar in at once….you can always add)

750ml Vinegar (I held some back, but ended up using it all and a dollop more)

Small handful of salt (well you will have to be careful with this if you have big hands)

Boil for around 20 minutes  (I suggest you look at how much liquid you have, because after about an hour or so, I twigged I had to much liquid. I drained and have frozen the excess liquid)

Then add

2 tablespoons mustard powder

2 tablespoons curry powder

Mix to a paste with a little vinegar , add and simmer for another hour and thicken with cornflower.

Tomato Relish 2(I added a clove of garlic and also some hot chilli. I mixed with the liquid from the pot all the dry ingredients. I added I would think around another teaspoon of the mustard and curry powder. I added – I am guessing but I gradually added as I was tasting, the extra curry, mustard, chilli and extra cornflower, until finally I got the right consistency and taste.

I am not sure how it would affect the taste using a sugar substitute.


Relish in jarsGood luck if you make it and let me know how you go.

I will put bathroom reno photos up onto my facebook page.

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