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Breast Cancer Diagnosis of Friend

c1528a119a6d9ea1f504dfa67676babaYou have Breast Cancer

I have been reading a very personal diary of a lovely vibrant business woman, who is undertaking breast cancer treatment.  She is fighting for her health.  In a very public way, she is documentation her journey after been told that she has breast cancer. Her personal journey with this insidious disease. I read her facebook diary notes and I wonder how she is really coping.

Writing posts on facebook is very brave.  Di is very honest, although I suspect that it is too daunting to write the truth sometimes. I am sure that there are many times when she is alone. By herself. In her on world. In her own mind. Thinking about the pain. The nausea. There must be times when she feels overcome. Alone. Angry. Tired.   I don’t know how she writes what she writes. I don’t think she writes absolutely everything. But what she writes is so powerful. So moving. As are her photos.

I I don’t want to get cancer. It scares me.  I hate needles. I faint when they put a tourniquet around me to take my blood pressure. I faint when I have needles. I have only had minor operations but they are major in my mind.

How would I cope if diagnosed and told You have Breast Cancer?  Would I crumble?  How would I cope with the medical procedures?  It is so scary.  But Di makes it a little less scary as her posts help to understand the process.  Her posts also show how loved she is.  Not just by immediate family and close friends, but by so many in the community. The responses to her posts are caring and full of support, love and encouragement. Also people are in awe at her strength.  As am I.

Would I be strong enough? It would seem that you are in the fight of your life, not just with your body but also with your mind.  What an amazing strong woman. I am envious. Did I really say that? Envious of a woman with breast cancer. A woman who has lost her breasts. Fighting the chemicals injected into her body to help her to win and be a cancer survivor.

How do you manage mentally day in day out, to this new life of medical procedures of trying to heal your body.   I can add positive posts. Encouraging notes. But deep down, I am in awe of this amazing strong woman to tell it as it is. To get through each day. Surrounded by so much love and caring. I don’t know. I don’t want Cancer. I don’t want to have to deal with such a huge ordeal and impact on my life and the domino effect on the lives of my family.

Yes I am envious of her mental strength. Her fighting spirit. I don’t know, if I would have that. So much outpouring of love and support.

It really brings home how important love and support from family and friends are. It makes you really stop and thing about what is important in your life. There is a saying that God only gives us that which he knows we can handle. God, please don’t test me. Nor my daughter. I don’t know that I have the emotional strength.

Di, I so admire the way you are allowing us to see your fight this disease. You are not making it glamourous although I loved your glam photos. You are telling us, the Good, the not so good, the Bad and ugly.

0f64a615db67ba0a03f42fe25acca4deI wish you ongoing strength. Love and support you have.  I wish you – well I wish that all your dreams come true. For a complete and quick recovery so that you can get on with life. But of course that is what you are doing. Getting on with your life. With the card dealt to you.  I wish for a life ahead of full health, laughter and happiness.  I wish for you to be rid of this disease. I wish for the world to overcome breast cancer and be rid of the huge impact on the lives of beautiful loving woman and their families.

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