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Add a spice and zing to improve your life and health

31944363_sAdd a spice and zing to improve your life and health

I felt like I had flat lined this year.  Actually it has been a year of mostly caring. And to do that I have just had to go with each day as it came.  Minding and caring for grand daughters, helping an anxious, stressed daughter and an increasingly obviously aging elderly mum.

Good intentions of going to the gym classes on a regular basis…didn’t happen. And I just wasn’t able to shake my addition to cappuccino sachets for morning tea with a slice of cake.  Adding spice and zing to improve my life and health – hey, I was so so tired….I was happy just to make it through the day….to wine o’clock.  Glass of wine, couple of nibbles….and bed at 7.30 or 8.00pm – alone with a book!  No, not a 50 Shades of Grey book….yes I did have a squiz at a copy. Really??? Hmmm, did a bloke write that?

Well said the doctor….your thyroid has deteriorated. Yes you will have to take tablets for the rest of your life. No there is no cure. It will just get worse.

A bit of research…and well I don’t want it to get worse.  Hey healthy lifestyle, eating  exercise, less stress….that will help. Mind you, gawd, the things you should not eat when you have Hashimoto!

So whilst little grand daughters have been asleep and I have been unable to leave the house, I started doing some research.  I have also attended a number of cooking classes as my stable food is Spag Bol, hamburgers, salmon or tuna hamburgers and chicken curry of some sort using a packet mix.  Oh and small quiches, which my daughter devours….so they are a regular bake….along with cakes. Well I am a nannie, and need to pass on my great baking skills to the 2 year old, who loves baking cakes (and enjoys eating them as much as her nannie) !

I have no chocolate in the house. I ate it all.  If someone brings chocolate home and leaves it here, I do the a favour and it to save them calories, and to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

OK, so where does the zing and spice come in?  If I write the topic heading  I think the search engines like it. Ha ha…so here it is: Add a spice and zing to improve your life and health.

yes there is an oil for thatEssential Oils.

Citrus – Lemon or Lime – I have started to add that not only to some water I drink during the day. Orange Essential Oil, gives me a lift of energy when I have it in a diffuser.

I have Lavender Oil on a piece of felt, which I have placed inside a special oil jewellery diffuser. I have a sniff of that, to keep me calm and minimise my anxiousness. I also have that in a diffuser.  –

I have just ordered the cinnamon essential oil.  I have found a receipe for apples and the cinnamon essential oil.  Another thing I am addicted to and use in all my cake baking – far exceeding the receipe amount.

I bought the Doterra Physician kit as it comes with a range of fabulous oils.

So my spice and zing is definitely from using a range of essential oils – straight or blended.  I find they give me more energy, or help to calm me down. I sleep so much better.  So yes both spectrums – of energy and calm.

Doterra Essential Oils.  Love them. And they also donate huge amounts to third world countries. 

The zing is also the interest in not only learning but also:

  • developing a passive income
  • attending seminars and meetings
  • arranging presentations
  • meeting and chatting with the person I signed with
  • deeper friendships and support with those who signed with me

Yep multi level marketing I think you would call it.  Never ever been tempted to do this before. Would run a mile.

But this time, I love the products. I understand the potential health benefits of the products.  I understand the business opportunity. I love the learning.

Finally, I am at that intersection in life. It is the right time.

So are you ready to add a spice and zing to improve your life and health?

If you would like to start ordering beautiful essential oils and natural skin products you can order direct from my page:

In the meantime I am off…..Maddy wants to play fairies. So time to put on my fairy costume and sprinkle some fairy dust!

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