Nannie and Poppy Child care

Nannie and Poppy ChildCare Day at a Castle

GrandchildrenNannie and Poppy day today went so quickly. As the little one Chloe was taken away by her daddy to go to see the Wiggles Concert we just had the 4 ½ year old to occupy.

A book about a bird that poos on the heads of animals and people was our first activity. Much raucous laughter whenever the word poo or poop was mentioned!

Even after I had read the book four times. Yes it was funny the first time…….but by this afternoon……..not so much!

Locked in a StockSo what to do with Maddy today – as it was a bit cool and overcast I decided to by a Groupon voucher and off we went to the Sunshine Coast Castle in Bli Bli.  First thing we saw was old fashioned stock which we popped her head and hands in…….hmmm just for a few seconds……and she wanted out!

Up and down turrets – oh by the way, I must mention my weight bearing and exercise mostly comes from when I am minding the girls – in and out corridors until the finally hundreds of dolls! Hundreds. Excellent a castle visit with hundreds of dolls.

Hundreds of dollsAh.. I thought, this should occupy her for the morning. Well I think we managed about 6 minutes in the area of the dolls on display,  then off to press all the buttons that lighted up the other great displays.

Poppy liked the electric train display area the best.  Miniature train Display


All in all 50 minutes in the castle, then 10 minutes in the shop where Maddy pointed out all the toys she would like to own.

At least it was an easy morning this morning just have the one child to care for.

The afternoon after singing Incy wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle and the bloody wheel of the bus that goes round and round and round and round……oh woops….getting a bit hysterical sounding there! – off we went to the playground to burn off some energy.

Pushing swings great exerciseOUR arms mostly burn off energy as both girls could sit in a swing and be pushed for hours. Thankfully there after about 10 minutes of pushing and ‘higher Nannie, higher..”, some mum’s came and there children wanted of course a go.

With a fresh cold wind now blowing, we struggled with crying wriggly girls back into the car, with a promise of a jelly bean if they were good, finally silencing their screams.

They have now been picked up. Another Nannie and Poppy 5 start child care resort is closed and it is time for the glass of sherry for me and Bundy and Coke for him. Tomorrow is a new day.

Aged care – of elderly mum tomorrow, until later in the afternoon when it is time again to pick the girls up, this time from their child care centre and mind them through the ‘witching hour’.

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